Professional services

C&P ADVISORY helps the client to face competitive challanges supporting Companies in the definition and implementation of suitable development strategies, from the conception to the structuring and management of extraordinary finance operations and business process re-enginering, offering global and independent advisory.

C&P ADVISORY is able to deal with all the issues that may arise in connection with Corporate Finance operations thanks to the professional expertise and long-term relationships with client acquired by the Partners.

Our professional services are the following:

Merger & Acquisition

Starting from a financial and strategic analysis, C&P ADVISORY provides a comprehensive and taylor made advisory supporting the Client in facing growth paths by means of acquisitions or mergers as well as in rationalizing the organisation through divestments of business units.

C&P ADVISORY provides an effective and full support to the Client in defining and elaborating business and financial plan, from screening of strategic options to analysis of assumptions and changing factors, in order to choose the best alternative consistently with shareholder's objectives.

M&A projects may refer to equity investments, as well as companies, business units or brands deals:

  • identification of target company
  • valuation of target and potential industrial synergies
  • planning of the negotiation strategy and professional assistance throughout the whole negotiation process and closing of the deal
  • program and project management on post merger operational activities

Valuation and Corporate Finance

C&P ADVISORY helps the entrepreneur in the estimate of the enterprise value and defining and developing structured finance transactions.

Some of the areas of professional activity are:

  • Company valuation for extraordinary transactions (mergers, transfers, splits)
  • Fairness opinions, fair value, impairment test analysis
  • Private equity
  • Debt restructuring
  • Project Financing
  • Business plans' assurance
  • Independent Business Review (IBR)
  • Due Diligence

The deep knowledge of the financial markets also allows C&P ADVISORY to assist Clients in the listing process on regulated markets.

Management Advisory

C&P ADVISORY Partners have gained relevant experiences on the following activities both in terms of operating and project management:

  • Business plans
  • Corporate check up
  • Business reorganization and restructuring
  • Incorporations and capital increase
  • Corporate mergers, splits and transformations
  • Financial statements and consolidated financial statements
  • Development of management information systems
    • Planning and control
    • Budgeting and reporting
  • Profitabiliy analysis, costing and pricing
  • Organizational analysis and internal business processes