C&P Advisory represents an innovative and independent firm of professionals in the advisory field having the following distinctions:
  • deeply rootage in North-East region but global vision
  • unique combination of multidisciplinary, complementary and synergic expertises
  • advisory like proactive committment in defining and implementing clients' strategy
  • side by side with the entrepreneur approach, sharing outcomes
  • real and effective alternative to merchant banks and international consultancy entities

Why C&P Advisory

Because  we believe that entrepreneurial dynamism, expertise, passion for quality make it possible for Small and Medium Size Companies to face the even more exacting developing context of economy and global society and to manage change through flexibility and quickness.

Because we believe to be a guide at entrepreneur’ side giving a constructive support and fostering economy of relationships, knowledge value, creativity and effective combination of these intangibles factors in real shared and sustainable goals.

Because we have acquired several and complementary professional expertises at national and international level but our roots remain in North East of Italy and we wish to develop a project of value for its entrepreneurial entity.

Who we arePartners